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I love Ellen and Portia! They are literally my heroes in life!!

Oh, but look how “disgusting” gay marriage is. Yes, this is clearly a disgusting and immoral scenario. This is not romantic and adorable and beautiful at all. This is clearly breaking traditional marriage and the world will probably explode from this.

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Proof that pole dancing is a fucking sport and anyone that tells me it’s not can suck my dick.

god bless markiplier and his cute wee bum uwu ♥

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Everything awesome in last night’s Adventure Time:

  • How to ask someone on a date when you have a disembodied head with multiple personalities
  • Turns out that Cosmic Owl is the guy at your party that just doesn’t realize it was time to leave an hour ago
  • Night terrors
  • Citadel battles
  • Alien catchphrases
  • Death pacts
  • Learning about anatomy - The Chicken Wing Hole
  • Lich King’s creepy badassness
  • Finn going Super Saiyan

Not so cool things:

  • The end of Prismo
  • Deadbeat dads

Questions raised:

  • What is buttercupping?
  • How useful is a flower arm?

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